Silo City is a living reminder of Buffalo’s industrial history. They serve as one
of the world’s largest grain elevator collections. Today, they have evolved and been repurposed into art exhibitions, gathering places, craft beer festivals, light shows, and much more. Live and workspaces near the downtown Buffalo area will bring back the life that once existed in the industrial age of Western New York.


The Circadian Storage dwelling takes advantage of the views around Silo City to enjoy during the long work week.

Using abandoned boxcars on site, the user takes advantage of the materials
available to create a personalized workspace. Each boxcar is divided into 24
parts accounting for each hour of the day. Each part is kinked and twisted
based on circadian rhythm which allows the user to easily adjust to their
biological clock. At the end of the circadian week, the user would enjoy the
panoramic view of Silo City.

© 2021 by Daniel Fernando Avilan Medina

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