The National Monument at Vitkov in Prague was once built to celebrate Czech statehood. However, both the Nazis’ and the Soviet Army took possession of the monument in order to propagate their regime. After the war, the monument was once again taken back by the Czech people and used  as a museum. The isolated and unused monument remains  an unpleasant reminder of the history the Czech people have faced. 

A brewery takes the form of Prague’s unused monument to serve as a polemic against the monument. Upon the plinth, overlooking the city, this new cultural center uses beer a means to bring the Czech people together into one space. Through its scale and porosity, the brewery establishes a new core; extending the old Ceremonial Hall once used for the communist state into a large beer hall. 

The new form of celebration is of the tanks and the culture that thrives in the Czech Republic. 

Various programmatic elements radiate around the brewery, always in view of the tanks and the beer it creates. This creates circulation both vertically and horizontally throughout the space. Occupy Vitkov repossesses the hill through a carved public landscape with the heavy monumental plinth in which it sits.