The Snooper's Charter is a nickname given to the United Kingdom's Investigatory Powers Act in 2016. The act gives an update to Britain's often unwieldy surveillance legislation. But it also includes a large set of new powers — including the ability to collect the browsing records of everyone in the country and have them read by authorities.

This urban environment sets out to spatialize the amount of surveillance used by London and the world post the legislation. The varying scales of surveillance — from internet cookies to Google Satellite — the citizens of London are forced to live with the state of mass surveillance.

By designing an anti-surveillance society, the public will begin to develop urban tactics that will allow them to evade and hide from the covert surveillance tactics used by the government and large corporations. 

Citizens of London can imagine new urban conditions that can accommodate societies that desire a unique form of urban production of space.

© 2021 by Daniel Fernando Avilan Medina

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